Commercial Ornamental Fence

Montage Plus

Montage Plus is a light commercial grade ornamental fence product perfect when containment and security are in order. Available in black or bronze and constructed of ¾” pickets and 1-1/2” x 1-1/2” rails with a 2-1/2” post and 4” picket spacing means Montage Plus is the perfect upgrade when a residential product is too light, but a heavy duty product is not needed.

Montage Plus ornamental fence is also available in POOL, PET & PLAY styles and feature a 3” picket spacing when commercial childcare, pet containment, and commercial pool and park enclosures on the project docket.

Backed by Ameristar’s Limited Lifetime Warranty, Montage Plus is guaranteed to perform.

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Montage Commercial

Montage Commercial is the modern approach to security when the traditional chain link fence is not desirable. Montage Commercial is constructed of ¾” 14ga pickets and 1-1/2” x 1-1/2” rails with a 2-1/2” 14 ga post and 4” picket spacing.

An all-terrain design allows for fence panels to follow the grade. The ATF (all terrain fence) feature merges aesthetics and security to product a well-designed fence system capable of deterring all non-authorized personnel. Ameristar’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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Montage II

Montage II is a heavy duty ornamental fence designed to meet the needs of high security locations. Constructed of 1” 14ga pickets and 1-3/4” x 1-3/4” rails with a 2-1/2” 14 ga post and 4” picket spacing, Montage II is preferred by architects for the timeless style designs and security experts who understand the security needs of today’s consumer. The Limited Lifetime Warranty offers product protection unsurpassed in today’s fence industry.

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Aegis Plus & Aegis II

Aegis Plus and Aegis II offer consumers a fence system with customizable features. When non-standard heights and rail spacing are needed, Aegis products are the perfect solution. Aegis Plus is a light commercial product perfectly suited when the location calls for a fence that offers light security or a barrier and requires custom install techniques, like a retaining wall in a public park or around a facility entrance. Like Aegis Plus, Aegis II is perfect for non-standard commercial and industrial fence applications that require a custom height or special install in between pillars or other structures around a facility of any type.

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Aegis II Xtreme

Aegis II Xtreme lives up to its name and is superior in strength and is designed for pedestrian bridges.

Echelon & Echelon II

Echelon Plus and Echelon II are the strongest and most durable aluminum ornamental fence in the industry. Reinforced rails and special post design allow Echelon commercial fence to be rakeable and resilient, while maintaining the traditional look of ornamental fence.

Ameristar’s solid warranty will insure a consumer’s investment is protected and the timeless fence design will maintain aesthetic integrity of a location while providing appropriate level of security.

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Commercial Gate Systems

commercial fence gate columbus indianacommercial security gatesGates are equipped with self-closing hardware and additional child safety hardware is available when a pool is part of the project plan and can be upgraded to include an arched top. Ameristar has great double and single gate systems to meet all of your access needs.

When the old work look of wrought iron is what suits an entrance, Ameristar’s TransPort Estate Gates are the perfect solution. Available in single and double swing, and with added adornments or traditional styles, designing the right entrance gate is an easy and quick process. Click here to download a PDF brochure.